NRC Communications
Established in 1996, NRC Communications is one of Perth’s original and leading boutique PR agencies. We are dedicated to providing a personalised and superior service for clients in the areas of publicity, marketing, events and niche strategic public relations.

Dynamic, creative and professional, NRC has carved an accomplished reputation for "X-factor PR", recognised by long-term client 20th Century Fox Films; who we represented exclusively in WA for 15 years.

At NRC our philosophy is simple. We understand our target markets. We know how to reach them and what to say when we do. Because we know who to talk to, we don't waste resources. And we get results.

The same applies to our clients: We are small consultancy and have built our client portfolio with care. We have no interest in being the biggest; we passionate about personality, attention to detail, flexibility and results.

NRC’s unique combination of energy and experience, has attracted clients from all industries: film, television, entertainment and events, arts, hospitality, tourism, retail, government and corporate.

Our Leederville PR agency NRC has emerged as one of Perth’s leading and trusted public relations and marketing firms. Our campaigns have attracted extensive media coverage - and the attention of hundreds of thousands of Western Australians.

Who is NRC?

Director of NRC Communications, Natalie Cameron, leads all client campaigns. Her strong focus on personalised service, creativity and flair have earned her a renowned reputation as one of the industry's key players.

Natalie is professionally qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, with over 20 years of specialist experience. Her ethos is to combine strategic skills with innovation and energy; backed by a results-driven commitment to meet client needs.

Natalie possesses an expert and personal knowledge of the WA media landscape and has forged strong relationships throughout the success of her career. She has created her agency a valuable network of partners who deliver proven results.
Natalie Cameron